JAMES FRIEDMAN works with photographers on an individual basis and enjoys the opportunity to support the creative growth of his students, which he has done since teaching his first university course in 1974. He began his own creative journey as a student of Minor White during an experimental graduate program in creative photography at MIT, and with Imogen Cunningham as her assistant during additional graduate work in San Francisco.

Jim does not train photographers to make pictures like he does. His aim is to convince students that they are capable of achieving exciting results. He assists them in discovering their specific interests in photography, and guides their work towards excellence. He is known for encouraging students to develop in whatever direction their interests and inclinations may lead, navigating the continuum from traditional to experimental approaches. His trademark teaching style succeeds by employing engaging, student-centric critiques and incorporating innovative assignments, as well as open dialog that references the work of historically vibrant photographers whose pictures may resonate with the individual.


Private students of Jim will be under the mentorship of an acclaimed educator who has been nominated multiple times for the Callanan Excellence in Photographic Teaching Award. At least 10 of his former students have been awarded grants and fellowships from The National Endowment for the Arts, The Ohio Arts Council and The Greater Columbus (Ohio) Arts Council, among other arts agencies and institutions. Jim himself is an Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual Photographer’s Fellow and recipient of the Governor’s Award for the Arts in Ohio.


To determine if photographers are a good fit for a consultation, Jim first reviews their work and then discusses their goals over the phone or via Zoom, where all instruction takes place. To learn more, contact directly.

$150 per hour, with a two-hour minimum
10% discount for 10 one-hour sessions purchased in advance


PHOTO: © James Friedman

James Friedman could be considered a national treasure of photography.

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